Intelligent control system of smart home

Intelligent control system of smart home post thumbnail image

Due to the appropriate variety of ways to control the smart system in a house, it is easy and convenient to use it, and it has become more comfortable for users.
We can control the smart house in different ways. In the smart house, in addition to the Smart Switches installed in each room, there is also a control panel with which almost all the devices in the entire building can be accessed and controlled.
Other ways are control with mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer and phone, by means of which we can control the smart system at home or outside the home.
By installing the application on the mobile phone, tablet and laptop, we can control all smart appliances and tools from anywhere in the world and turn them on or off.
We can also control the equipment by sending SMS via mobile phone.
Another method of controlling the smart home system is the telephone, which can be called by dialing and sending a code, a set of commands that are available in the system.


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