smartization benefits in greenhouses

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From the smartization benefits in greenhouses, we can mention the automatic control of all systems, which will make the necessary decisions based on the environmental conditions.
In greenhouses, measures must be taken continuously to maintain the favorable conditions of the plant, and sometimes special actions are required due to external conditions.
With the help of sensors, the amount of temperature, humidity, light, wind intensity, snowfall and rain, etc. is checked and measured, and if it reaches an illegal value, the intelligent system will give the necessary commands.
With the smartization of the greenhouse, it is possible to open and close the windows and awning nets, control the fogger and fan to ventilate the greenhouse, control the heater system to create the appropriate temperature when the temperature is lower than the set limit or higher than the allowed limit, closing the window When there is a strong wind, it is possible to control the time of irrigation and fertilization automatically with the installed control panels.


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