intelligent house and relaxation on travel

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Intelligent house and relaxation on travel! Enjoy your trip with peace of mind with the help of smartening up and activating the simulator scenario of being at home.
Along with all the facilities that have been installed and implemented for home security to prevent possible theft, there is also a much better and more interesting possibility that is related to the definition of the scenario for the smart building system.
After making the house smart, to prevent theft and peace of mind and not to worry when we are not at home; We can put aside all worries and enjoy our trip by choosing the simulation option of being at home.
By choosing this option, a pre-defined scenario is activated and the smart system starts performing actions that usually take place when people are at home.
For example, the lamps are turned on at 8 o’clock in the night, the sound system is activated and plays radio or music, and it turns off the lamps at 12 o’clock.
In the same way, during the day, he can close the curtains, turn on the TV, or turn on or off other devices that we want by activating them to create the impression in the listener’s mind that we are at home.


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