Benefits and advantages of building intelligence

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The benefits and advantages of smartening should be considered in the possibility of controlling all components of the building, including the advantages of turning on or off home appliances even when we are not at home, which will cause more comfort and security in the building.
Intelligence integrates all the systems inside the building, meaning that all the separate parts will become a large system that allows you to control its components with the crown panel, phone, tablet, laptop and..
Intelligence is implemented in different parts of the building and with the help of various tools:
heating and cooling system of the building
to create security, with the help of magnetic locks, CCTV and smoke, gas sensors and motion detection
of lighting system
, water and gas valves,
system Extinguishing
the benefits of intelligence:
ability to remotely control and manage the building,
save on maintenance costs and energy of the building
, more comfort and convenience, increase building security (theft, fire
, gas, etc.)
increase property prices


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