Components of intelligent building management system

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Components of intelligent building management system consists of 3 parts Sensors, controllers and operators
Each intelligent management system basically has 3 separate parts:

1. Sensors
The function of this section is to measure environmental variables, such as ambient temperature, humidity, brightness and light, the amount of gases in the air (methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide), the presence or absence of people and He called the fire detection that sensors collect this information and send it to the controllers. This data plays an important role in optimizing the system.

2. Controllers
This section processes the information sent by its internal software or software under the network and sends the necessary commands to the operators as needed.

3. Actuators
This part of the system performs the required action by receiving commands, for example, the gas solenoid receives the command as an operator and the gas valve closes.

The components of the intelligent building management system have a communication mechanism that connects these parts. This communication mechanism consists of two important components: The
first is the connection of the parts to each other, which is wired or wireless.
The second is the communication protocol between the components.


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