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توجیه اقتصادی هوشمند سازی برای انبوه سازان

The economic justification of smartization for builders

The economic justification of smartization for builders is important in one point, and that is the easier sale of buildings and properties due to having more facilities and comfort.
Every buyer, seeing the many facilities that a smart building has compared to ordinary buildings, can feel the difference and if the topic of smart building is new to him, it is impossible to buy a normal property.
A building with all its smart devices and tools is a big showroom and encourages the customer to buy it.
How can anyone not see comfort, well-being, security and beauty in a smart building!
Smart building may seem like an extra cost to some builders, but the reality is something else, and in the real estate market, any building that shines better has a better chance of being sold.

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