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ابزار و لوازم هوشمند سازی ساختمان های مسکونی

The tools and appliances of smartening residential buildings

The tools and appliances of smartening residential buildings provide the residents with convenient amenities. One of these facilities is the control of all devices with the phone.
There are countless appliances and tools around us that we inevitably have to use. Some of them have remote controls and many of them don’t. You can turn on electrical appliances with remote controls without going to the device. Now, the number of these remotes that work separately for each device makes us have to look for the remote of the respective device every time.
What is the solution now?
Very easy, by making the residential building smart, we can turn on or off all those remote devices with just one smart system remote.
Also, making smart makes us no longer have to push the button on non-remote devices to turn them on or off, because the smart system provides this new possibility and we are able to use the mobile phone or the touch panel installed in the building, turn on or off all these parts such as lamps, chandeliers, etc.

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